Tailgating at a Braves Game

Any time you go to a sports game, whether it is baseball or football, there is always a level of tailgating involved by enthusiastic fans. There’s something magical about setting up your grill and chairs and relaxing with friends and family before a game. The crowd enjoys the camaraderie as well and you can hear everyone talking about their favorite team and even their favorite tailgating burger recipe. Here are a few things from SouthTowne Motors to keep in mind.

If you have never experienced the fun of tailgating at a Brave’s game, then you are missing out. Some of the most exciting moments happen at tailgate parties. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you break out the grill and accessories. For starters, tailgating is only allowed in certain parking areas at Turner Field. Furthermore, the use of open flames are only permitted in the grassy area of the Blue Lot only.

The gates open every game day approximately two and a half hours before game time, so be sure to get there ahead of time to claim your space. If you are able and you have a large party attending your tailgating session, it may behoove you to spend a little more for two parking space. This will allow everyone to spread out during the festivities. Another helpful tip is that if you have leftover food before the game begins, put them in plastic or disposable containers. Take these into the park with you and snack at your leisure. Outside food is permitted as long as it is not in glass or metal containers.

One crucial tip is to not slide your hot grill under your car or truck for storage while you are at the game. The heat from the grill can ignite the gas tank and you will be left with a burning mess and a lot of angry tailgaters if it gets out of hand.

Oh, and remember to keep cool if someone badmouths your team — tailgating is supposed to be fun for all attending, regardless of which team they’re going for.

We hope you enjoy the next time you get out there and tailgate with your Newnan Chevy.

Image by terren in Virginia via Flickr Creative Commons

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