Taking Charge Of Your Personal Safety When In A Parking Lot

Around this time of year, when the holiday cheer is spreading and we are getting close to Christmas, we also become less aware of our surroundings. I’m talking about taking charge of your personal safety, especially when in parking lots. As your arms are filled with bags your mobility is compromised, your vision is obscured, and your attention is diverted to how you are gong to reach your keys and get all of those bags in your trunk.

What you didn’t notice was the guy who was trailing you in the store watching you, taking note of what you bought, where you put your phone and wallet. He had been casing you since you came into the store and since you were oblivious to everyone around you, including him, you instantly became a good target. As you checked out, he just hung by pretending to look at something. You don’t know what it was, because you didn’t even know he was there. Then he followed you out to your car and as soon as he had the opportunity when you were clamoring for your keys, he threatened you, took your purse, or wallet, your phone, your keys, your car, all of your gifts and your sense of safety.

What could you have done to stop this? Nothing once it is happening, but you could have stopped it before it even started by simply paying attention. You could have had your head on a swivel noticing everything around you, including the man that was following you from section to section in the store. People who are not prepared, or aware are the ones who are victims.

Now the video above is just one quick example of how you can keep yourself from becoming a victim. The point is that criminals are going to go after the people that they feel are the most defenseless, or aren’t paying attention. Think about how many times you’ve left a store on your way to your Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet or whatever car you choose to drive and you didn’t think once about the “What if…” scenario?

Your Atlanta GM Dealer wants this to be a memorable time of year for all of the right reasons. Keep your guard up, always be aware of your surroundings and if you feel threatened in any fashion, grab a security guard, store manager or even a police officer (there is usually a heightened presence during the holidays). Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

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