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Green Tea

Whole Leaf Green Tea/Matcha Powder Blend – Photo by Brandie Kajino (Flickr Creative Commons)

The month of January is National Hot Tea Month. This is great for lovers of all things tea. If you aren’t an avid tea drinker, you could possibly discover the great benefits of this magnificent beverage and enjoy them, too. Your friends here at Southtowne Motors in Newnan love tea as well and suggest the following great teas if you need to keep yourself awake while on the road.

Black teas contain a good bit of caffeine and are highly recommended instead of coffee. If you are trying to break away from the routine of drinking coffee in the morning to get you going, try a delicious and hearty black tea. Oolong and some green teas are also a nice choice and can come in a variety of flavors to spice things up. If you are too used to drinking coffee, try a chai-based tea like masala chai. This can be an easier transition for you.

Tea keeps you alert but not too jittery, so it is great for long drives or as a pick me up. If you drink green tea, it will keep you relaxed while giving you the energy you need. There are no ill side-effects such as keeping you awake at night either, so it is an overall win. There are several more health benefits of drinking green tea. For instance, it can prevent hypertension, protect against heart diseases, and can protect your kidneys.

A great, quick and easy recipe is a green ginger mint tea. All you need for this delicious beverage is 4 tangerines, 1 piece of ginger root, 2 bunches of spearmint, and 1 cup of green tea leaves. In order to brew this tea, prepare it at least a day ahead of time. Peel the rind from the tangerines and place them aside. Slice the ginger into 1/8 inch slices. Remove the leaves from the spearmint and let everything dry until brittle. In a bowl, mix together the tangerine rind, mint leaves, tea leaves and ginger. Scoop out by the spoonful into a small bag for serving. Steep between two and three minutes.

The next time you want an energy boost, instead of reaching for that sugary energy drink that will make you crash hard, grab a tea. There are several varieties that come bottled, ready to drink and great for a ride in your Chevrolet car or truck.

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