The Effect of Sun Damage on an Interior

Keeping your vehicle looking the best it can for as long as you can is something we all strive to master. With hot and even hotter days around the corner, we can’t afford to take a chance on damaging the value of our cars and trucks. Many of us know how to take care of the outside. The standard wash and wax does the trick for most of us. Some go beyond and add covers to help protect the exterior. Even though this is a great idea and we are proud of our work, the inside can still begin to ruin. If you value both the exterior and interior of your beloved investment, read on for more information about taking care of the inside on a hot summer’s day.

Have you ever returned to your vehicle after running an errand and noticed that the car’s interior temperature has soared in a matter of minutes? If you parked outside under the sun, this is inevitable and quite uncomfortable. This is due to the Greenhouse Effect which is caused when the sun warms the air in enclosed space. There is nowhere else for the air to go so it continues to heat the area around it. However, the knowledgeable staff over at SouthTowne Motors have a few pieces of advice for you.

Many people are content with simply cracking their windows to let air escape which will cool your vehicle a few degrees. This is a great idea but not the most effective way. When heat is trapped in your car or you leave your vehicle in direct sunlight for extended periods of time without protection, the interior suffers greatly. Over a period of time, the dashboard, seats and doors will begin to warp under the high temperatures. They may even become discolored or cracked. The best thing for you to do, if you can, is to park your car under shade or in a garage.

Other ways to help avoid harmful UV rays on the interior are to use a good quality car shade or invest in a legal amount of tinting on the windows. This will help block some of the rays so you can keep your car looking good longer. Enjoy taking care of your Newnan car or truck this summer.

Image by Donnie Nunley via Flickr Creative Commons

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