Tips To Get Your Car Looking Like New Again

There’s nothing like the look and smell of a new car when you drive it away from the a new car dealership. After the normal wear and tear your Cadillac, GMC, Chevy or Buick experiences from leisure or business travel along with dealing with hot sun and freezing rain, your car will lose some of its original glamor. If you have the unfortunate situation of an accident with serious damage or a minor fender bender, this too, ages your car. Consider these useful tips to get your car looking like new:

  • A good wash, wax and vacuum session is a great start to getting your car looking good and to help determine what areas need special attention
  • When vacuuming, use a stiff brush to loosen built up grime from the carpet
  • Tires, rims, grillwork and the exhaust pipe also need to be thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Use a cleanser to remove any stains on the carpet or upholstery
  • If your car is in relatively good-looking condition, consider a professional service where technicians do in-depth cleaning, waxing, polishing and detailing, inside and out
  • Regardless of the type or depth of blips on the car’s exterior, it takes away from the pizzazz of the new look. Take the car to a body shop and have any dents, dings and scratches repaired.
  • The inside of new and used cars also need freshening up. Drop your car off at a car cleaning service where the inside carpet and upholstery is cleaned and deodorized and the interior vinyl, fabric, wood or leather is conditioned and/or polished
  • If your car windows are already tinted, replace or repair any tinting that is showing signs of wear, bubbles or peeling
  • Replace any seals around windows or the trunk that are frayed and will eventually result in water leakage
  • Get a new paint job if the finish is dull and no amount of wax gives it the “new” look
  • Replace worn tires and add a set of new rims
  • Have the air conditioning system de-odorized to remove build up and that “old” smell
  • Be sure to include a thorough check-up under the hood. Even if the car looks new on the outside, it’s important the inside is running up to par.

Whether your car needs a minor body repair or a full restoration due to a collision, let the experts at Southtowne Motors – the best Newnan car dealership for all your motoring needs – get your ride looking like new. Schedule an appointment and be on your way in no time.

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