Tips To Make Waxing Your Car Less Of A Chore

Keeping your new Chevy truck or Buick sedan looking its best will require the regular application of car wax. A properly maintained layer of wax will protect the finish of your vehicle and allow your car or truck to shine on a sunny day. If you want to handle this task on your own, there are a few basic tricks for applying an even and smooth coat of wax to cars in Atlanta without a lot of mess or fuss.

Choose Your Workspace

Don’t park your car right in the driveway for waxing if it’s a warm and sunny day warns

This will harden the wax on your car too quickly. Ideally, you should wax indoors, such as in a garage. If you can’t manage that then park your car in the shade.

Scrub It Down

Applying a layer of wax over bird dropping residue and tiny grains of dirt and dust will only damage your finish further. Give your car a thorough but gentle scrubbing before you start, or take it to a hand car wash to save some time and work. The surface should be completely dry before you begin.
Colored Waxes
Basic wax is white, but it melts down to a clear and shiny finish when buffed enough. However, residue left in the cracks and seams can remain white, leaving obvious marks on your black or dark colored car that take a few days to fade away. Popular Mechanics recommends using a black or colored wax for a better looking finish on a dark car.
Use Power
Many car enthusists find the circular rubbing motions require for buffing relaxing. If you don’t want to spend hours working the wax onto the car’s exterior, attach the soft microfiber applicator pad to a power buffer. The device will spin the pad in circles while you focus on polishing each area evenly, which is crucial because allowing wax to harden without enough buffing will leave an uneven finish. Your arm won’t be half as sore and worn out at the end of the task.
Remove Streaks and Haze
If the wax does dry unevenly during the buffing, you may end up with unsightly streaks. An alcohol based wax cleaner can remove these spots and prepare new and used cars for reapplication without damaging the clear coat or paint below.

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