Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Car

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Before you head out to buy a car, you need to determine whether you want new or just new to you. Whichever you decide, make sure you go to a reputable dealership, like SouthTowne Motors, so you know that you’re getting a vehicle that’s in good shape.

How Much Can You Spend?

Determine what your upper limit is and stick to it. Make sure it’s something you can afford – you don’t want to set yourself a limit then get excited about a certain model only to find out you can’t afford it. Determining your upper limit will also help you determine whether you will buy new or used.

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Want?

This plays in with the previous question. If you want to upgrade to something on the lower end of luxury or if you want to go luxury, your only option may be used. You can find some great deals on pre-owned luxury vehicles at places such as SouthTowne Motors. Many of the vehicles are only a few years old, so you will still have lots of the newer bells and whistles.

Consider the Cost to Own Your New Vehicle.

You might be able to afford the payment on an SUV or a luxury sedan, but can you afford the service, maintenance, repairs and gas? The cost of gas could be a deal-breaker. If you want something that has a 25-gallon tank, runs on premium and gets 17 mpg in the city, you have to be able to afford that – or your vehicle will just sit in the driveway waiting for you.

Do You Need Utility, Luxury or Reliability?

While most vehicles, even pre-owned are reliable, you still have to make a choice between utility, luxury or money. Usually, sedans and coupes get better gas mileage than utility vehicles. While you might want that SUV, you may have to settle with a reliable sedan to get yourself back and forth to work. Determining what you want helps you determine whether the vehicle falls into your price range. It definitely determines whether you are going to buy pre-owned or new.

Where Should You Buy?

Choosing a dealership will ensure that you get a reliable vehicle – and gives you more choices for vehicles. Head to SouthTowne Motors today to test drive any vehicle on the lot.

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