Top Fishing Holes in Georgia


When you are planning a fishing trip, you need to do several things before you leave including having your vehicle serviced or checked, especially if you are going to a fishing hole that is a good distance away. Stop by SouthTowne Motors to have your vehicle checked or serviced, and then pack up and head for your favorite fishing hole.

Flint River

If you are looking for shoal bass, head out to the Flint River. Fish up near the airport, near Lake Blackshear or Lake Seminole. If you are on the upper river near Griffin, you can wade and fish or take a kayak or canoe out. If you are in the shoals, use crawfish-colored crankbait, small spinnerbait or Texas-rigged worm. If you prefer deeper water fishing, you can catch largemouth with the same baits you use for shoal bass.

Savannah River

Catch largemouth bass in the Savannah River between Georgia and South Carolina. If you put in north of I-95 at Milestone Landing, be sure you have a powerful trolling motor since the current is so strong. Head up any of the creeks and sloughs that are full of logs, cypress trees and stumps for some great bass fishing. If the temperature is hot, use crankbait and spinnerbaits in the main river channel. Use topwater under willows.

High Falls Lake

Head out to the area west of Jackson for High Falls Lake. You find the highest population of 15-inch or better largemouth bass. Since the lake is old, most of the channels are full of silt, but it has tons of wood cover. The docks that line the lake has brush piles around them – and they attract the bass. You’ll also find bass around the stump flats in Watkins Bottom and Buck Creek. If you put your boat in, it can’t have more than a 10-horsepower engine.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Be sure to call SouthTowne Motors to have your vehicle serviced or checked before you leave for your next fishing trip.

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