Veteran’s Day Should Be Every Day

It’s the day after Veteran’s Day and I simply want to say, “Thank You”. Thank you to all of the young men and women who have served in wars past and present. Indeed, there will be future conflicts that will require the bravery and courage of the few who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way so that we will not have to.

I think Veteran’s Day should be celebrated every day. You should thank someone who served the moment you find out they served. You should buy a vet a cup of coffee the next time you go to a resturant for breakfast. You should count your blessing that there are guardian angels here on Earth and they happily and eagerly fight for justice for those who cannot fight on their own.

The American soldier is a special breed. If you didn’t thank one yesterday for their sacrifice, thank them today and again tomorrow.

Your Atlanta GM dealer, The Southowne General Motors Superstore wants to extend a heartfelt and genuine “Thank You” to ever member of every branch of our armed services…past, present and future. Thank you.

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