Visit St. Augustine, Florida, this Spring

Spring and warmer weather is here. That can mean vacation time for many people. The weather around your Newnan Chevy dealer hasn’t been the most desirable, however. That means many of us need to look south for a great destination.

Fortunately, not too far away lies the city of St. Augustine. This coastal city situated on Florida’s Northeastern coastline is the oldest European-established settlement. Aside from the fascinating history of this remarkable city, there are lots of area attractions to see and do.

Naturally, the beaches are a huge focal point in this city. But, if you’re a thrill seeker, why not try Crocodile Crossing, which is located at the Alligator Farm? Stop by for a chance to zip line through the tree tops and maneuver through aerial obstacles on two unique courses. You will cross seven acres over live crocodiles and alligators, which will be just under your toes. Only the truly adventurous will be able to take on the more challenging Nile River Course.

Visit the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse located off Greorge Street in St. Augustine. It has been thought to be built around 1716. There are tours offered daily from 9am until 5pm. The tours are self-guided but there are robotic professors to help guide the way. The gardens behind the schoolhouse feature a reconstructed outhouse, kitchen and well.

If you dare, take a ghost tour with Ghosts and Gravestones. Board the Trolley of the Doomed and be entranced by haunts and tales of pure mayhem and misfortune by your entrancing Ghost Host. Listen to stories of residents passed but still seen in many locations around the city. The stories that are recanted are from years of research along with personal accounts and real life experiences. Prices range from $10 to $30 per person.

If you and your family are looking for a great time, be sure to check out the Pirate & Treasure museum. This museum is known for holding the world’s largest collection of authentic pirate items. Your family will have fun interacting in the hands-on exhibits and viewing the dozens of authentic pirate artifacts. From the flag of the Jolly Roger to the oldest known Wanted poster, there is something interesting to see around every corner.

Enjoy these points of interest from the crew at SouthTowne Motors.

Image by Chris Williamson via Flickr Creative Commons

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