Watch Out For The Flooded Car Scam

Hurricane Sandy was a storm of epic proportions. In fact a storm of that size hasn’t been seen on the Eastern seaboard in generations. Apart from the billions of dollars in property damage, one item that might find its way back to the sales market are thousands of flooded cars. Don’t get scammed into buying a car that has been in a flood. Unfortunately there are going to be a lot of flood damaged cars finding their way onto used car lots around the country, not just up north.

So, how do you know if a car has been flooded? A few obvious ways are to check the car for mildew, sand, and water marks. Look for rust on screws and check the seats and door panels for fading. Watch the video below for some additional tips.

If you think you’ve found the used car of your dreams in the coming months, your best bet is to have a certified mechanic at your Atlanta GM Dealer do a thorough inspection of the vehicle you intend to buy. If you feel that your are getting resistance to that request from the person you are purchasing the vehicle from, consider that a red flag and continue on your Atlanta used car search.

Of course you can forgo all of that hassle by just coming into the Southtowne General Motors Superstore. We thoroughly check every used vehicle on our lot and don’t deal in flooded cars…period.

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