Why Buy GMC?


When it’s time to buy or lease a new vehicle, you have so many choices – first you must choose a manufacturer, then a model. Even then, you’re not done with the decision-making process yet – you still have to decide which trim level you want.

Buying or Leasing

Once you decide whether you want to buy or lease, you can head out to just about any dealership including SouthTowne Motors to get the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. In most cases, if you choose to lease, you can afford a more expensive vehicle as you are only paying on the depreciation.

Choosing a Manufacturer

People often choose a manufacturer because a friend or relative recommended a certain make or because they’ve owned that make before and had good luck with it. Sometimes, a person wants to change his loyalties to a different manufacturer because of his or her experience with a current vehicle; or because a friend or relative had issues with the vehicle. And, of course, there is always the first-time car buyer who may have to make that decision.

Choosing a manufacturer is, in most cases, a personal decision. One of the ways you can make this decision is to test drive more than one make and model. That way, you get a good feel for the make and model.

Why You Should Buy a GMC

GMC trucks and SUV models are near the top of the line for GM products. If you want a vehicle that has luxurious appointments without paying the higher prices of luxury brands, and you want something that allows you to use the truck as a work truck without having a coronary, then you should buy a GMC.

Additionally, GMC models feature OnStar; and some features IntelliLink. You can also log on to GMC’s owner pages for OnStar diagnostics, warranty tracker, service history, your vehicle’s profile and GMC’s recall center so that you remain knowledgeable about your vehicle and the services you need to have done to keep your truck or SUV happy and healthy.

And, you can choose from many different trim levels. You can choose the “mack daddy” trim level or choose a lower trim level. If you don’t want the tons of bells and whistles that come with the mack daddy trim level but want something that is not on a lower trim level – for example, blind spot monitoring – you can always add that function.

Stop by SouthTowne Motors

Stop by SouthTowne Motors today to test drive your first or tenth GMC vehicle and to learn more about the features of each vehicle.

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