Why You Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Driving into the GM dealership today I saw 3 drivers who weren’t wearing their seat belts. I’m still shocked every time I see this. I mean, you wouldn’t get on a roller coaster without them strapping you in, right? So, why would you drive without one? Well think about the physics of driving. Let’s say that you are driving at 60 mph and aren’t wearing your seat belt. For what ever reason, the car in front of you is at a dead stop, and because you were eating a donut, or texting on your cell phone you don’t see the stopped car until at all. You slam into the back of the car in front of you and what happens. Constant velocity is what happens. Your  car may stop moving, but since you aren’t strapped to you vehicle, you don’t. Here’s a video that demonstrates constant velocity.

Now here’s a crash test both done both with and without restraints. Pay particular attention to the head of the dummy.

Finally, here is a PSA that really drives home the importance of wearing your seat belt. Remember, it’s not just you that will feel the impact should you be involved in an accident without wearing your seat belt, but it’s also your family and friends.

There’s no excuse not to wear your seat belt while driving around in your Atlanta GM vehicle. It takes 2 seconds to put it on, but it can cause a lifetime of pain if you don’t. Wear your seat belt Atlanta.

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