Why You Need a Remote Starter

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Many of the newer vehicles at SouthTowne Motors have remote vehicle start if they are equipped with automatic transmissions; however, if you are interested in a vehicle without remote start, you can add a remote starter by upgrading to another trim level, adding an “available option” or having the dealership install a remote starter at a later date.

Vehicles That Can Use a Remote Starter

As long as your vehicle has an automatic transmission you should be able to have a remote starter installed. Whether you have a truck, sedan, coupe, SUV or minivan, you can use a remote start especially if you live in an area that gets cold during the winter months.

Benefits of a Remote Starter

A remote starter allows you to warm your vehicle up before you go out to get in it. This is especially useful in the winter. Remote starters will automatically lock the doors when the vehicle starts. In some cases, the function will turn the defroster on for you. If you have a vehicle that has remote start but does not feature automatic heat/defrost upon start, just remember to leave the defroster on when you shut the vehicle off.

You can even use the remote starter in the summer months when it’s ultra hot outside. Start it about 5 minutes before you go out to cool the interior. Just remember to leave the air conditioning on if you don’t have the auto-on feature with the remote start.

Problems with Remote Starters

Generally, remote starters do not have any issues. However, be mindful of how long you let your vehicle run in hot weather. If you have a cooling system problem, your vehicle could overheat and you wouldn’t know it, thus the recommendation that you start it only 5 minutes before you go out. Air conditioning doesn’t take as long as heat to adjust the temperature to a comfortable level.

Even during the winter months, you could have an overheating problem if you do not realize that there is a problem with the cooling system. Always keep your eye on your vehicle and make sure your cooling system is working before using the remote start function.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Visit SouthTowne Motors to test drive a new vehicle with remote start or to have a remote starter installed on your current vehicle.

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