Why You Should Own a Chevy

When you making the decision of what make of vehicle to buy, be sure to have SouthTowne Motors on your list – not only do you have several reasons to own a Chevrolet, but many of those reasons are because of the service we provide to you.

Low Cost of Ownership

A Chevy has a low cost of ownership including the cost of parts. You’ll find that an alternator for a Chevy is usually less expensive than an alternator for a foreign vehicle – and less expensive than other American vehicles. Other costs are also lower in many cases.

Tons of Choices

Most Chevrolet models give you several trim levels to choose from, so almost everyone can afford a Chevy – and if you can afford something on the higher end, the highest trim levels have all of the bells and whistles.

Model Choices

Chevrolet gives you tons of model choices. If you prefer something sporty, choose a Camaro or Corvette. If you need a sedan, choose an Cruze or Impala. If you need a truck, Chevrolet makes tons of trucks: the 1500, 2500HD and 3500HD. If you need a people hauler, check out the Suburban or Tahoe.

Quality Engines

Chevrolet has always had good engines – and even some great engines. Not only are they inexpensive to repair, but the parts – even for those really old Chevys – are easy to find. No matter how long you own your Chevrolet – and with proper care and maintenance, that could be quite a long time – you can rest easy knowing that parts are readily available for any rare issue that springs up.

Customer and Auto Service

When you shop with us, you get treated fairly and with respect. We want your car shopping experience to be the best it can be, whether you decide to buy from us or not. When you do need repairs, SouthTowne Motors can fix anything on your Chevy – and we do it with as quickly as possible while still providing quality service.

It’s American!

And the last reason to buy a Chevy is that it’s an American car! Despite what some might have you think, American made vehicles are reliable, rugged, and built to last. They’re also packed with as many safety and convenience features as any foreign model. If you’ve never bought American, see for yourself just how much you’ve been missing.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Stop by SouthTowne Motors to test drive a truck, SUV, or sedan and to learn more about Chevy models and you’ll see first hand why you should buy a Chevrolet.

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