XTS Stopping Power

Not all brakes are created equal. At SouthTowne Motors we only provide the best in vehicles, which only consist of the best parts you can find anywhere. Our Cadillac XTS sedans are equipped with the highest quality brakes around: Brembo.

The Brembo brand was established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy. They started out specializing in disc brakes and, during the 1980s, they supplied products for many vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. Today, they produce a wide range of products such as performance braking systems and all of the components. They also research braking systems to find out how to make them better, stronger, and more reliable.

Brembo is known for their aftermarket brake components and they sell over 1,300 products throughout the world. They have become the most prestigious brand in the world for anything brake system related. They have achieved this through innovation in their products as well as holding high standards in quality and safety. For over 50 years they have continued to grow and change with the times. Back during the 1970s, they entered into Formula 1 racing and supplied Ferrari GP cars with their braking systems.

Moving forward through the times, Cadillac has seen these amazing and high quality brakes installed on their equally high quality vehicles. They have been used on both the racing Cadillac XTS and now for the consumer versions. The XTS you can buy right from your Newnan Cadillac dealer has the same powerful stopping power that race cars have.

This kind of stopping power will come in handy for a lot of reasons. Imagine being able to stop an accident before it happens. Brake for children, animals, and unexpected vehicles a lot faster with these unbeatable and durable brake systems.

Of course, the XTS comes with dozens of other standard features like Magnetic Ride Control, the CUE information and media control system, push button start, and a rearview backup camera. All of these things in addition to Brembo brakes make the Cadillac XTS one of the most highly desirable sedans on the market today.

If you’re ready to make a change, whether you are interested in the Cadillac or Chevrolet, stop by SouthTowne Motors today. We offer a wide variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs both new and used. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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