XTS Twin Turbo

Cadillac, as everyone knows, means luxury and an innate intuitiveness for innovation. They always work harder to bring you the very best they can in every aspect of the vehicles they design. This being said, they have introduced the newest engine type; the twin turbo. This engine will be added to the 2014 CTS as well as the 2014 XTS which is due out later this year. It may eventually make its way into other GM models such as the Camaro or the ATS-V. But for now, let’s talk more about this engine.

The new 3.6L twin turbo engine has been designed to deliver at least 410 horsepower with 430 pounds of torque. This has not been done previously in a car of this size. They do not have the official number yet, but it is said it will reach 0-60 in around 5 seconds. Not sure what you’re used to driving, but that’s fast.

There is a commercial out right now that just hit the media. This spot shows the new Cadillac XTS Twin Turbo blowing the doors, literally, right off of its competitors. Now, when you drive this sports vehicle, you won’t make cars around you blow apart or anything but you will feel the intense speed and drive this vehicle offers. The symbolism of the car’s power is amazing.

Some of the comparable cars are the Chrysler 300 and the Lincoln MKS. Other rivals include Audi’s A4 and A6, the BMW 3 and 5 series and the Mercedes C-Class. Though there is quite the challenge, the XTS is still Cadillac’s largest sedan which replaced the outdated DTS. Among all of the improvements, the XTS will also be the first model to feature the brand’s infotainment system, CUE.

The power this engine provides has allowed the new XTS to become an all-wheel drive vehicle so it can withstand the force. With the invention of this new engine, the company believes that they will be able to propel a rear-wheel drive version of the next generation CTS from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. This will also give the next CTS a top speed of around 170 mph.

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